003 – Arrived in Jerusalem



Hello everyone, Shalom from Israel!

For those of you who aren’t video watchers, here is a brief summary of the content.

*The Successful journey

  • We were blessed with safe passage and provision
  • Pretty smooth flights considering 3 littlies with an awesome and relaxing overnight stop in Korea


*The apartment

  • Reality sets in, apartment living is different, noisy!
  • Blessed to have a nice warm easily accessible place



  • Jetlag with 3 young children (Plus teething baby on top of that= exhaustion!)
  • Everything in Hebrew with spatters of English
  • Frustrating not being able to read things
  • Learning the ropes of the public transport system
  • Adjusting body clocks to being 11 hours behind NZ


*Bridges for Peace

  • Induction, lots of info to digest
  • Attended the monthly birthday lunch, tired kiddies
  • James had his first (half) day and is excited about the year!


Goals for the week

  • Get this video/newsletter out!
  • Settle into life in Jerusalem
  • Fully unpack

Still to come is some interesting footage of this amazing place and stories about what God is doing here, as his banner to the nations (Isaiah 11:12)