010 – Resurrection Sunday

Shalom from Jerusalem,

Wow, we were lucky enough celebrate Easter this year in the City that those events took place! Pretty special, a once in a lifetime experience for some! We decided to do something adventurous seeing as we were in such a special place….so we got the kids up at 5 am and took the train then a bus to get to the Haas Promenade in Talpiot, Jerusalem, before dawn.

There we met up with a group of people who also volunteer with Bridges For Peace to watch the sunrise and worship Yeshua (Jesus) for what he did at the cross, to praise Him for conquering death and proclaiming that he rose again and is ALIVE! Afterwards we shared a pot-luck breakfast overlooking the City with a view towards the Old City and the Mt of Olives.

How privileged and humbled we felt, being here on Resurrection Sunday. Meditating on what Jesus did for us, and just looking out over the land where he walked and also where He will return (hopefully one day soon!).

We picked out a few bible passages that we find appropriate for a time such as this;

Psalm 22:16-18. This was written approximately 1000 years before Jesus was born. This is an awesome example of prophecy that came to pass as Jesus hung on the cross, before the people.

Isaiah 53:3-6. This was written approximately 700 years before Jesus was born. Prophetic writings that describe the life, persecution & torture of Jesus and also the reason for his death, was that we may be healed from our own straying and iniquities.

Psalm 16:9-10. Written approximately 1000 years BC. A prophecy that Jesus, the faithful one, his body will not see decay as he rises, conquering death and living secure at the throne of God.

Matthew 28:1-10. Written around the year 80 AD, by Matthew, one of Jesus friends and disciples. Matthew spent years with Jesus, following and learning from his teaching. Following his death and resurrection, Matthew, along with the other disciples spent decades telling again and again the stories and teachings of Jesus, then at the end of his life he made sure to carefully scribe this account, so his testimony would live long beyond his time here on earth.  One of the many historical accounts that Jesus is resurrected.


009 – City of David


Shalom from Jerusalem,

We had the honour last weekend to attend a special tour of the City of David.
For no cost, we were able to share the experience that is usually set for important dignitaries. What a great testament to the relationship Bridges for Peace has with the local bodies and Jewish community.

History came alive for us as we were ushered around ancient ruins and guides connected the places we were standing with stories from old testament bible scriptures.

Archaeological evidence continues to be found here, with only a THIRD of the ancient city uncovered so far. Every new dig reveals evidence that validates the accuracy of the biblical text that both Jews and Christians study and uphold as the written word of God.

Visit the City of David Website for more information and educational resources…



008 – A few words

Shalom from Jerusalem,

We are finding life very busy here at present.

Thank you for the positive feedback and comments on our videos. There is a lot of work go into these, at least 10 hours each, up to 20hrs, depending on detail. We are sure hoping to refine this, the balance of time between work, family and videos is a challenge.

Please also if there is something you want to see here or you are reading a bible story you think we could bring to life, please share with us! The trouble I am facing at the moment is knowing where to start when there is sooo much we would like to share.

This week James is doing a block course at the Israel Academy of Ministry, leaving the apartment at about 7:30am and getting home after 9pm, Last day tomorrow (Thursday) thankfully.



Prayer requests this week;

Health, I got a good dose of Hayfever and that has dropped my system to let a bit of a cold in.
Which Maddy then picked up and possibly Reuben too.

Safety, for our family as we travel around on buses and trains, there has been a few terror incidents here in the last 48hrs which is causing some unrest.

Finnally, pray for patience, long suffering, being full time hands and feet for the body of Christ is not easy, as I’m sure many of you know. We are enjoying it, but its hard work to endure.