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The Worthington Family Jan 2016James

My experience is founded in “hands on” practical skills, and built on further through project & company leadership culminating in governance and advisory roles within the New Zealand civil construction sector.

For the last 4 years I have been involved with Rangiora Baptist Church committees working on the successful recruitment and appointment recommendations for various pastors within the church.

The skills and experience God has blessed me with allow me to not only serve effectively and efficiently in practical ways, but also to asses the greater organisational dynamic through general experience and global perspectives. Combined these skills allow me to build rapport with the “whole team”, from ground crew to leadership and governance. In turn,  offering valuable development suggestions and opportunities that contribute to the organisation’s on-going success.



Maddy’s skills and experience is woven with the theme of children. Pro-life, pregnancy, midwifery, breastfeeding, babywearing and natural health alternatives and parenting techniques.

She is Mum to Isabelle (4 1/2), Lucy (2) and Reuben (11 months). Her time is highly committed to the daily care of our children including starting out on a homeschooling journey with Izzy this year. 

Maddy makes the time during her weekly movements to connect with community groups and meet up with mothers and young families of similar age. Stories of trials, successes and failures is a great way to build relationships and share with people as we learn we are not alone on this adventure of parenthood.

Maddy aims to complete her formal training in Midwifery and La Leche League leadership (breastfeeding support)  in the future, as the opportunity presents itself.