Our Call to Israel


SERVE    –    LEARN    –    SHARE

1. Serve

We are here to serve Jews in Israel and around the world, so that they experience the love and support of Christians, the way Jesus first loved and served us.

We are serving through volunteering for Return Ministries & The Aliyah Return Center at the Bikat Kinarot Center, Galilee. Find out more about them here;





2. Learn

Geographically the bible is set in the land of Israel. Historically its theme is the people of Israel.

We are applying ourselves to engage with Jewish people, their culture, holidays and biblical celebrations. We are learning by doing, building rapport and establishing true friendships during our time living in Tiberias. Of course learning basic Hebrew is on the top of our list and we are already well underway with some basic phrases and greetings.

We will take the time to travel the region, this shouldn’t prove to be too difficult as Israel is only two thirds the size of Canterbury (NZ). The goal- to explore the countryside and put the physical geography & topography of the land in context with the places of the old and new testament bible stories.

We will continue in our bible study of what part Christians are to play in the current and coming times, according to God’s Word and will. From Israel we will have the added advantage of being able to assess the political and social climate of Israel and the surrounding Middle Eastern regions, with significantly less media bias as when we are in NZ

3. Share

We will uphold a strong ethos of information sharing and engagement. Utilising the modern modes of communication available to us, our goal is to share small, relevant, easily digestible pieces of information regularly.

Our goal is for people to engage with our service and appreciate the dynamics we are experiencing by reading our posts and watching our video media.

As we journey, learn, and come across new revelations of God’s word, His people and their promised land we will share our learnings in the hope that others may also benefit through understanding and perspective.

“We are only the internet away.”

You can expect to see regular up dates through our;

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  • Website – www.israelkiwi.life
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