Journey to Bethlehem – Christmas 2016


A ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ dinner with some friends here in Israel who also have young kids. It was SO much fun! We had angels and shepherds and Mary’s and Joseph’s, an adventure with torches and glow in the dark stars to find baby Jesus in the manger, ‘Pin Mary on the donkey’ (LOL), an awesome feast of foods Mary and Joseph might’ve eaten on their journey, and best of all fun and fellowship with friends here in the land that it all ACTUALLY happened in so many years ago!!!! Merry Merry Christmas 2016 everyone from the Worthingtons here in Jerusalem 🙂

018 – Doing a new thing


In line with our call to Israel, God is leading our family on a new adventure and time of service with…

“The Jerusalem Journal”. News about Israel, from Israeli perspectives and based in the land, for Christian readers around the world.

It is with great anticipation, conviction and leading, that we embark on our new mission in Israel: Working with Brian Schrauger to build The Jerusalem Journal into a global news provider.


Music Credit: This is Your Fight Song (Rachel Platten Scottish Cover) – ThePianoGuys